Oven Gloves Oak Trees Of Ireland (Multi Coloured)


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The first arrival of humans in Ireland was 9000 years ago and the land was densely covered in woodland consisting mainly of oak and pine trees. Centuries of deforestation meant that by the end of the 19th-century forest cover was only at 1 percent of the national land area.EU grants have encouraged private land owners to get involved and today we see 700,000 hectares of woodland. The oldest oak tree in Ireland is believed to be in Belfast’s Belvoir Forest Park, N.Ireland, dating back to 1642.

Colour: Grey, ochre, lime, peach and white

Made from 100% Cotton

Printed using a reactive print process to give super vibrant colours that last.

Size: 88cms x 19cms

Style: Double oven glove made with polyester filling to meet required EU standards for heat protection.

Packaged with a complimentary postcard detailing the history of the Oak Trees Of Ireland