Silk Scarf Newgrange (Grey/Ochre)


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Newgrange was once a temple, a tomb, a monument, the home of the most important carved art of the European Neolithitic. and a statement of the prestige.
In 1967 following modern archaeological excavation, Newgrange revealed its greatest secret. An alignment with the rising sun on the morning of the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year, the sun penetrates an aperture, travels the length of the long passage and illuminates the darkness of the chamber of Newgrange. There are 75 decorated stones at Newgrange and over 600 in BrúnaBóinne.

Colour: Slate grey and ochre

Made from 100% silk Crepe De Chine

Size: Length 162cms, Width 42cms and finished with a pin and flat hem

Packaged with a complimentary postcard detailing some important information about one of Irelands most loved Unesco Sites