About Duinn Designs

Inspired by Irish icons, heritage sites, characters within folklore, myths and legends.Designs with a modern twist using creative patterns and subtle colours reminiscent of irelands lands, seas and skies.

Dúinn Designs offers a new range of contemporary patterned textiles. Patterns are inspired on myths and legends such as the Brown Bull Of Cooley, historical places of interest to include the Giants Causeway, Newgrange and Kilmainham Gaol. Dúinn Design takes these well known iconic symbols of Ireland and turns them on their head to re-invigorate them and create patterns for today. Celtic patterns have been the foundation for Irish design for many years and are still widely used. Based on this knowledge Dúinn Designs explores new avenues for modern Irish and relevant patterns that can be used both in fashion and household textiles.

Bernadette McCullagh

Where it all began with Dúinn

As a textile designer of old, graduating from Leeds University many moons ago, I have always held a passion for patterns and colours.

Following a career in sales, marketing branding and design, taking a step back to be at home for children gave me a little time to persue my artistic roots.

My daughter ignited the flame one school evening coming home very excited about the great myth and legend of  “The Táin and the Brown Bull of Cooley”. She was so full of the story that it got me thinking about the many great myths and legends and stories of Ireland.

The Brown Bull of Cooley was close to my doorstep as we live in Carlingford, Co.Louth in Ireland. A photograph of a local bronze statue of the Brown Bull followed by an illustration became a simple pattern that started Dúinn Designs, Ireland.

Dúinn meaning “for us” provided the platform to start designing patterns for a sophisticated contemporary Ireland using our myths and legends and iconic symbols of Ireland as inspiration.