Bistro Apron Queen Meabhs Brown Bull (Navy)


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Queen Meabhs Brown Bull features in a very famous myth between Aihill and Meabh, King and Queen of Connacht. Queen Meabh desired to have a bull to match that of her rival Achill. A battle persues to capture the brown bull and famously Cuchulainn is forced to kill is best friend Ferdia. Queen Meabh does manage to bring the brown bull “donncuailnge” back to Connacht where he fights Achills white bull to death. The Tain is one of the great
epics of Irish literature.

Colour: Navy with pale grey and blood red

Made from 100%Cotton

Printed using a reactive print process to give super vibrant colours that last.

Style: Bistro or half apron or waisted apron, ties at the waist and is longer that a regular bib apron. It is a very popular choice for men who like to cook in the kitchen. This Bistro apron has handy large patch pockets on the front.

Size: Length 78cms, Width 70cms with long fabric waist ties for comfort

Packaged with a complimentary postcard detailing the story of Queen Meabhs Brown Bull